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Denise Deluca on Why we must Reinvent Ourselves before we Reinvent the Economy with Lindsay Christianson on Champions of Change

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Welcome to the Show Denise Deluca! 

Denise is a leading-edge thinker, educator, and practitioner in biomimicry, biomimetics, and business inspired by nature. She creatively combines her grounding in engineering with her passionate vision to bring pragmatism to progressives and rational thinking to radicals. She is equally passionate about bringing radical innovation, co-creativity, and leadership inspired by nature to conventional organizations, catalyzing their journey of radical transformation.

In addition to working with BCI, Denise is Director of the Sustainable Design Program  at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)  which is home to the fully online, multidisciplinary Master of Arts in Sustainable Design (MASD) degree that is the first of its kind in the world. Previously, Denise was Education Director at the International Living Future Institute.

DeLuca has also run her own sustainable resource consulting business – Emergent Solutions, was Outreach Director for The Biomimicry Institute, and was Project Lead for Swedish Biomimetics 3000 where she is now a consulting SME.

Denise finds tremendous joy in working with individuals and organizations to re-discover their natural paradigms and to begin the process of realigning themselves and others with Nature and their own human nature, thus releasing their full natural potential.  Inspired by Nature, she embraces paradoxes such as creativity & productivity, radical & rational, profound & practical to help create and share emergent abundance.  And she has a particular fondness for pinecones.


>> Check out Denise’s online course “Biomimicry Basics”  and her book  Re-Aligning With Nature


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