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Gene Hsu is Making Change through Empathy & Awareness on Champions of Change with Lindsay Christianson

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Gene Hsu has spent over 20 years leading people, projects, and cross-cultural teams in Asia Pacfiic and China. He’s taught Cross-Cultural Management at Hong Kong University – Institute of China Business to Chinese business executives and MBA/EMBA students at several universities in Shanghai and the US since 2007.


He is as American as football and apple pie, AND he is also 100% fluent in Mandarin Chinese, so he is fully assimilated into every cross-cultural interaction where he discovered the critical importance of EMPATHY and SELF-AWARENESS as the primary gateways into social acceptance and long-term success.


His mission is to create an ECOSYSTEM for developing Essential Soft Skills That Matter (ESSTM) and applying them at the intersection of doing business in China.”


His vision for making positive change to become a master of cross-cultural performance to empowers leaders with empathetic to become more effective when doing business across cultures.


Welcome to Champions of Change


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