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Jeff Lalich, His Tesla Tenure turning Waste Streams into Revenues on Champions of Change with your Host Lindsay Christianson

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I talk with Jeff Lalich, of Zero Waste Solutions. He is also known in some circles, as the Zero Waste Guru.  Why? He's someone who is turning waste into revenue streams for companies. 

The former Air Force, and Tesla sustainability and impact manager. He’s also served former 5 Year Tesla Zero Waste and Sustainability Leader. 

Now, he is driven to help buildings and organizations perform more Sustainably.

We have a frank discussion about how he has been able to turn waste streams, from organizations and turn them into profitable revenue generators, that contribute towards the bottom line. 

We talk about some basic steps for creating an early stage road map outline . 

Some of the initial steps for how to plan, build and grow out your vision so you can best prepare for the inevitable obstacles you may hit on the way. 

He shares why having a group of supporting people in your life is important so that they can connect you back to your "Why" when times get tough. 

I found it inspiring talking to Jeff for the way that he is working to build groups of people within different verticals, and how people can start making a change in their own life.

Tune in for 45 minutes and be a fly on our wall in our conversation about making contribution with impact choices.

Our Guest, Jeff Lalich,  and with your host Lindsay Christianson.
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