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Prash K Harvested Strength through Urban Spirituality & Mantra Therapy on Champions of Change with Lindsay Christianson

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My guest today Prash K, the founder of Mantra Therapy.


The concept behind Mantra Therapy took birth as an inspiration Prash had whilst on a personal Retreat to Southern California in 2010, to re-align himself with what mattered in life, beyond just career, personal, social and family needs, and chasing material ambitions – the importance of contribution and spiritual growth.


With a background as a busy city professional, spirituality, meditation, music and attending Retreats had all become his personal go-to sources of strength and nourishment from a demanding career and life, which has certainly seen its fair share of challenges!


So it seemed only natural to create an environment where many people of different backgrounds and belief systems, could come together to collectively raise their own consciousness and internal state of being, rediscover what’s important to them, re-calibrate their inner compass, and be endowed with a sense of empowerment, clarity and bliss, that would trigger powerful inner shifts, and make a lasting impact for all who attend.  And thus, Mantra Therapy was born.


Since then, thousands of people have benefited by attending Mantra Therapy events and Retreats over the past 7 years, and the number continues to grow.


And it’s little wonder – kindness, authenticity and spiritual vibes are infectious, and great company attracts great people. Venturing on life’s inner journey with cool musical mantra vibes, straight-talking wisdom on matters of the heart, artistic expression to inspire and grow, and time to get away to recharge, reset and grow – that’s what Mantra Therapy’s all about!


Enjoy this conversation with today’s Champion of Change, Prash K.


You can learn more about Urban Spirituality and Mantra Therapy, here


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