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Shaun Frankson, Blockchain Building Trust to Stop Ocean Plastic after Near Death on Champions of Change with your Host Lindsay Christianson

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Champions of Change. I am Lindsay Christianson and we've got another great episode for you! 

In it I talk with Shaun Frankson of The Plastic Bank. Where they make plastic waste into a currency to alleviate extreme poverty, ocean plastic. They create new plastic production through an ethically sourced system to collect and sell recycled Social Plastic® for use in manufacturing by global brands. 

Shaun is a digital strategist and movement maker. His goal is to enrol humanity to save the planet. He is best known for creating a million person following and being a leader in block chain technology to build trust, transparency, and authentication.

We have an open conversation about his near fatal car accident and how he created a fulfilling life of purpose. 

We talk about creating your foundation to living a fulfilling life of purpose is giving more to the world than you take.

He provides some questions to ask your self when working to find your purpose. 

I found it very inspiring talking to Shaun. I got a better understanding on how the block chain works, and how you can define your job by creating your own opportunities.

Tune in for an hour and eavesdrop on our conversation about making contribution with impactful choices.

Our Guest, Shaun Frankson,  and with your host Lindsay Christianson.

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