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Vincent Avanzi on finding your "G"enius Spot through Words with Lindsay Christianson on Champions of Change

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Welcome to the Show Vincent Avanzi!

Thank you for sharing your amazing poetic speech, "The Universe in a Unique Verse." 
Shared for our listeners at the end of our talk today.

Vincent is a Chief Poetic Officer, Inspirational Speaker, brand artist and founder of The Ink Of The Future. He's a two time globe-trotter (A Human Odyssey – 12 human steps to change your self to change the world), he traveled to more than 70 countries and is the author of 3 TEDx and 5 books including “Harmony and The Genius Spot of Mankind” (a poetic journey to design the future). He is also a residential artist at the Institute for Desirable Futures, he is a journalist for the newspaper Les Echos.

He invented the concept of “Poetry & Prospective” to bridge the gap between business and wisdom and to re-poetize our societies for a world of harmony in our common human destiny. He delivers inspiring keynotes, poetic speeches and conferences on how to develop the human potential and design new horizons for the future of the planet, in public and corporate events across the world.

With more than 300 poetic stage talks in the last few years, he contributed to the Open Government Partnership, the COP21, Sustainable Brands, a Trillion Tree campaign and the Earth Day amongst other events. 

You can check Vincent out:

on his blog to find poetic speeches and travel journeys : 

Website for Chief Poetic Officer events :

His book "Harmony and the Genius Spot of Mankind" :

Youtube channel :

Thank you for Listening!
Lindsay Christianson

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