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Wendy Burton Empress Tree Lady Helps You Turn Good into Cash on Champions of Change with Lindsay Christianson

Lindsay Christianson published on

Wendy Burton, CEO and Founder of World Tree visits us on Champions Of Change.

In 2002 Wendy Founded the World Tree Carbon Offset Program managed by World Tree Technologies.

Wendy has travelled to Brazil, Paraguay, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the USA to learn to successfully grow and manage Empress Splendor trees and has personally over 20 years knowledge and experience working with these trees.

While the Empress Tree is known and greatly prized in Asia, it is relatively unknown in North America. World Tree has been an innovator, leading the way in researching the best way to plant and grow the tree, educating the public in the properties of the tree and training farmers how to successfully cultivate it.

Through Wendy’s efforts, the story of the Empress tree started to spread and celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Dolly Parton and Wayne Newton purchased trees for their properties. Wendy and the Empress trees were also featured on Oprah and Connie Sellecca’s ‘Family and Home’.

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program launched in 2015. The program aligns perfectly with World Tree’s mission and values. It provides a way to effectively absorb considerable amount of carbon, protect old growth forests, support farmers and provide ordinary people with the ability to make a difference to the planet with their investment dollars.

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