Charlton Comics Throwback

12: Test-Pilot's Nightmare/Abbott & Costello #13

FKAjason published on

It is Thursday. We have two Charlton comics in front of us. How about the twelfth episode of Charlton Comics Throwback? In this episode, Vance and Jay take a look at "Test-Pilot's Nightmare" by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko, which first appeared in Space Adventures #39 (April 1961). This is a fairly non-memorable adventure of Captain Atom. Next the boys turn their attention to Abbott & Costello #13 (February 1970). The creative team for that issue was Joe Gill, Anthony Ferme, Tony Tallarico, and Sal Gentile.

This episode contains the results of our special contest/giveaway. Stick around for the feedback for details.

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