Cheeky English Vibes
Episode 2

Getting a Job after college and Game of Thrones

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Welcome to the secondĀ episode of The Blank Generation! Today we are joined by Dan Bahl and Alessandro. unfortunately Cheryl couldn't make it today! Alas, we have two sensational podcast host have a hilarious discussion on the callenges of being employed after college, how we might just end up getting coffee for people, and scenarios/ultimatum's on certain jobs. We also talk about Game of Thrones and how Dan Bahl has shockingly not seen an episode of Game of Thrones, except one of the episodes in season 8 (which is totally cheating and very 'cheeky' as Alessandro would say!). We also gossip about the Avengers Cast fued between Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and the rest of the cast, we talk about the validity in this heated rumourĀ 

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