China Leadership Dilemma Podcast
Episode 4

How Empathy and Multicultural Insights Transform Personal Fitness Training (Kai Boyer Fitness)

Gene Hsu published on

Kai Boyer is a business owner, entrepreneur, and certified personal trainer. Her incredible journey began as an aspiring tennis star, home-schooled K1 - K12 until she suffered a career-ending injury as a collegiate athlete ranked #1 in Southern California. Kai was suddenly forced to rediscover herself from the only thing she'd ever known. Kai is biracial, Chinese and Russian, and raised Jewish in Southern California, which only adds to the uniqueness of her upbringing. Kai didn't have the chance to develop social skills as "normal" adolescence would, but she has highly developed soft skills that have enabled her to retain a very loyal clientele. As we listen to Kai discussed the importance of empathy, making fitness "fun," and strategies to help her clients overcome resistance to achieve their fitness goals, it is a microcosm of the essential soft skills necessary to navigate the challenges of communicating across cultures,  especially when doing business in China.

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