Episode 5

ChongaTron 5: The Legend of Curly's Gold ft. Rat Bastard pt. 1

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In part one of a very special ChongaTron: We invite Rat, our one fan, onto the podcast for an interview. Like the most popular podcasts, we bend like a reed in the wind, allowing our fans to dictate what opinions and beliefs we hold. Dan continues to become Archie Bunker. We abuse our one fan for being a proud Cherokee warrior. Holly gets treated for hysteria by a holistic gynecologist. Holly becomes a riotgrrl and is empowered by her B.P.F. Rat gets molested by patients in a nursing home. And all the success of having one fan goes to Dan's head and he gets consumed by paranoia that the feds are after him. Finally, Rat tells a story about his inbred father killing a cowboy. Edgar is gone for the week because he's doing Mexican things.

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