Episode 45

ChongaTron II Magnum Force

Chonga Tron published on

The goddamn mayor's on my ass Callahan. You've gone and done it. Let's see. Last night you crashed the Goodyear Blimp into the Meadowlands Stadium during a Jet's playoff game, you performed Lingchi on a person of interest in a counterfitting case and that was played on the Jumbotron, and you handcuffed the wheelchair of a perp to your patrol car, the same perp you crippled last month, for lets see, failure to yield to a yellow light. So just what do you have to say for yourself Harry?

Harry Callahan - "Well sargent, I'd beat him until he pissed himself and I didn't want the back of the squad car to smell... Sigh. Badge and gun?"

Yes. Leave your badge and gun.

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