Episode 12

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Straight up loc'd down OG, get off my dick this is gangsta crip, West Side, bout to pull a hoo-ride and be wanted for a homicide.

The gang is back from Long Beach, where they joined the rollin 20s, a set of the LBC. A horrible tragedy occurs, resulting in the death of God Emperor Rat Bastard, so I heard, we weren't there or involved or anything, and our heart and prayers go out to his family. This episode is dedicated to his memory, and is a celebration of his life.

Topics include - The life of a westcoast gangsta. Doin hoodrat shit with our cousins. Crimes, heists and schemes to get out of this ghetto trap.  Playing house with inner city black school children. Nigerian women's thoughts on American race relations. Advice for dealing with police officers. A Real American Corner about Jamaican Karate Instructor named Anubis who taught classes from a temple to Egyptian gods.  And crack based dieting tips.

RIP "Rat Bastard"  born 1988 died 2019.

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