Episode 32

ChongaTron is Unfit to Air

Chonga Tron published on

We are so big, we are releasing a clip episode from various episodes that were deemed "unfit to air" by HR.

01-2020 - H.R. and Holly attempt to replace Edgar and Dan with two random guys that answered an ad on craigslist named Quiff and Clint. A confrontation between Dan and his new replacements ensues.

03-2020 - Emperor Rat Bastard melts down over restaraunts shutting down during the pandemic.

04-2020 - Dan gives Rat unsolicited advice to fix his depression as a self help guru.

05 - 2019 - The ending of our first episode, recorded onto Edgar's phone, at his noisy Mexican house full of 37 relatives and a dozen large dogs, maybe he's got a chicken or two running around his garage, cartel guys coming and going. More advertisements from fake Italian buisnesses.

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