Episode 47

It's the Daryl and Daryl show y'all

Chonga Tron published on

The N-Word is the shredded cheddar cheese of words. Yes, it's bad for your health, bad for your soul, bad for your karma. But life is so bland without the N-word. This podcast, unfortunately, doesn't contain the N-word. So expect it to taste bland like a baked potato covered only in butter and salt. We recommend that our listeners punctuate the comedy of this podcast by saying the N-Word themselves, whenever you, the listener deem it to be appropriate.

Today's Chongatron follows the adventures of Daryl, a methed out West Virginian hunter, and Daryl, a talking cartoon armadillo drug hallucination. Listen as they hatch a plan to combat Black Lives Matter, before the rioters reach his rural trailer park. Also in this episode, Sex Ed Class, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Tom Hanks conspiracies.

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