Episode 48

The Irate Gamer Knockoff Version of CumTown

Chonga Tron published on

Involunatary brain surgery can't kill us. Mental wards can't kill us. My wife who now hates me can't kill us. Chonga por vida holmes. Dontchu know I'm loco?


Inner City Sex Ed. Greg Miller's show and tell about his magnificent penis of tomorrow. Wings of Redemption. Holly's pussy is bleeding. Bible Study Hour. Dan gets MK Ultra'd by booger and semen eating fan of the podcast. Depends Magnum. Nexium. Dan's story about beating four counts of assault with a deadly weapon on the stand your ground law.Daryl and Daryl try to make a skin suit, buy minithins and then tar themeselves to infiltrate BLM. Cuties. Jason Bermas did 911. Miss Olajimbo explains to Emporer Rat Bastard that he is too fat to fly.

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