Episode 27

Tom Cruise Booze Cruise

Chonga Tron published on

Tom Cruise Booze Cruise. John Holmes VHS Nightdrive By Perturbator. Scientology Awards Ceremony. How many children can you kill in a deathmatch? Midget Deathmatches. Hobo Lice Fights. Midget Mafia. Gay Mafia. Lisa Frank Nightmare. Another visit from Doctor Cocknballs the Erotic Sea Org Deckhand and Erotic Cryptid Hunter.  Happy Harry Hard-On's Hazmat Whores. Billy Bob Boston's Boys in Bubbles. Edgar turns into a weeaboo. Holly wants everyone to commit suicide. Pauley Porticini's Drive thru Suicide Parlor. Edgar infects us with the Corona Virus. Dan solicits the audience to be his JO Buddy. The gang discusses scissoring. Edgars Mom is gang affiliated because she's Mexican and his dad sold cocaine. Edgar starts talking about train riders he knew because he's drunk on cheap boxes of white zinfindel. Dan's idea for a novel where he admits to a series of unsolved crimes he didn't actually commit. Edgar hates Brandon for being a cuck. Dan and Holly cut a wrestling promo on Brandon. Brandon's feet look like red onions someone took a cheese grater to and they smell like limburgher. Dan finds a way to get away with saying the n-word by quoting racists to show how racist they are. I Found that Essence Rare by Gang of Four. Brandon responds to Edgar. Advice to Redditors.

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