Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 26

26. Enduring Life's Challenges

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

“Endure to the end” they say. “Be Positive”, they say. But let’s be candid life can be REALLY hard. It can beat us down and we can find ourselves asking “How long”? “When will this trial end”? “How will I get through this”?

In today’s episode we explore enduring life’s challenges. 

Show highlights:

  • How we are structuring Morning Meltdown M100 fitness challenge group to foster success. 
  • Set little milestones to give you something Ito measure progress and celebrate along the way.
  • Remember life is not a race it is endurance event. 
  • Things will go awry even with the best laid plains. How do you work through the messy middle?
  • How do you press forward when you don't know how long?  
  • Digging deep to discover and build your inner strength to go the distance.
  • Enduring is NOT suffering patiently. It's perservering, conquering, executing, paying the price and going the distance.

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