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Episode 27

27. It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Stronger

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

It get's easier! No it doesn't, you get stronger!

What do you think? 

Easier or stronger that is the question. Does a task gets easier or does your capacity increase making the task easier.  We also explore what it takes to build the inner strength to beat the internal bully of self doubt and fear into submission.  



A few highlights from today's show:

  • At first running up a hill may be hard but it becomes easier. The steepness of the hill didn’t change your ability to run does.
  • Consistent efforts make it possible; slow down, take a breath and work the problem
  • As you progress what used to be your max becomes your everyday
  • Overcoming self doubt and fear. Judie talks about her trepidation for going live on Facebook for the first time
  • Pushing past the internal and external bullies that are working to hold you back from using your natural gifts to bless the world
  • It’s ok to plateau, take the respite, celebrate the climb and then get ready for the next phase of growth
  • You can atrophy both physically, emotionally and spiritually if you don’t push to become better
  • Self help doesn’t mean your broken, it means you’re trying to improve yourself
  • Think of the challenge a seed has to bust through the ground. It has to struggle and work but that is where it grows and becomes strong

We’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact we'd love to hear how you are becoming stronger and developing new skills. Thank you for being part of our Vibe Tribe.  

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