Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 29

29. Bridging The Expectation Gap

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

This week Jody is in North Carolina visiting one his customers, rolling out and training them on the use of RoadFS. We explore the expectation gap and how bridging the gap through solid communication and a heart that serves opens unlimited posibilities. And those possibilities will be a marriage of what you bring to the table and what the bring to the table to create somethign beautiful and amazing.

Show highlights:

  • Onsite with Visual Perfection in Morganton North Carolina
  • Missing that important human interaction. Yes, automation is a great tool but also can diminish true communication. Are we losing the human connection in certain aspects?
  • A picture doesn’t give you full understanding. You can explain what a country is like but until you are there you can’t fully understand. Smell, hear, feel and see give full experience that otherwise can’t understand
  • Getting the full picture enables you to truly understand
  • When we communicate we tend to have our own agenda in our mind. Listen to hear or identify the essence of a problem.
  • Speak in the language of how the person understands not how you understand 
  • The power of approaching a problem with a heart to serve
  • Don’t be offended when they don’t act in the way you recommended your suggestions may have given them exactly what they needed to make a decision
  • Our way is not the only way. Your way may be adapted to be a perfect fit for them.


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