Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 31

31. Fanning The Ember of Greatness

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

This week we pick up our conversation from last week’s interview with our son Zayne. We start by exploring what it takes to fan the ember of greatness that is already within you into a flame of opportunity.

Show Highlights:

  • Reintroduction to Jody and Judie and Choose Don’t Excuse
  • Exploring your interest and natural gifts.
  • Putting yourself in an environment that allows you to explore and explode your inherent talents
  • The importance of being open 
  • Take the leap - overcoming fear and our tendency to be risk adverse
  • When your vision is big enough it pushes you through the lean times
  • Discipline and vision carry you through the lean times
  • Let time be on your side. Don’t let time hold you back. It your friend not an enemy
  • Jody's journey across multiple careers
  • Write down 10 things that interest you and explore them
  • We also introduce a new feature "Choice or Excuse"


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