Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 39

39. Visualization and Vision - The realization of a dream

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

This week we visit the power of visualization to bring a dream to reality that was inspired by Jody attending the Glassparency product reveal at SEMA last week. It hit me like a ton of bricks with Ray Doran said, "I envisioned this exact event 3 years ago". Do you have a dream so big that it is pushing you to work the long game? Join us as we discuss:

Ray Doran’s visualization of the GP Reveal that he envisioned 3 years earlier Holding tight to your vision and seeing it to fruition When things are going bad say “Good” It’s an opportunity to grow, to learn to become something new Flip the switch in your mind Sometimes you have to shed that which is holding you back Why is it that we retreat when we know there is a better plan, a better way for us? You need to be able to honestly, personally assess where you are? Are you willing to do what is needed to accomplish the vision you seek? Prep, plan, and plan in your mind what you need to do Get rid of works like “Can’t” and replace with “I Am” Admit where you are and then develop a plan to change Seek a trusted advisor to get honest feedback of where you are and what we need to become or what we need to shed Instead of blaming others discover what you need to change Declare your intentions and vision, Get it OUT!

And of course we have our Choice or Excuse segment to wrap it up. Thanks for tuning in. Please like, share, subscribe and give us a review. Mahalo!

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