Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 40

40. What? You're Not Perfect?

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

What do you mean you’re not perfect? How come we feel such heavy pressure to be perfect? Why can’t we give ourselves some grace? Grace to rest. Grace to Grow. Join us as we discuss the pressure to be perfect.

Show highlights:

  • Continually pushing ourselves that we are consumed by perfection

  • Judie as a young mom falling into the comparison trap and struggling to “keep up”

  • Society has set women up that they have to be able to do everything and be everything otherwise they are not a full woman

  • The challenge women face of continually having to work extra hard prove their worth and play the perfection game

  • Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in Heaven because within me you can become like Him through his Grace

  • We tend to only look at the bad things that we do instead of identifying and embracing our natural gifts

  • Thinking of ourself less than others because we don’t have their gift

  • Learning to know when to turn to others for their gift to complement our personal gifts

  • It’s not about perfection it's about progression.


  • Assess the basics; did I eat, do I need sleep, or do I need movement

  • Look at and keep a thankful journal

  • Embrace your own gifts

  • Write yourself a love letter

  • Accept a compliment

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