Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 41

41.. When You're Not Feeling Gratitude and It's Thanksgiving

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

We LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas. This has been one of those weeks where discipline kicks in.  We want to be grateful but desire to be sincere and right now it feels like we are going through the motions. How do you find gratitude when you are just not feeling it? Join us as candidly discuss our struggle to be grateful in the face of heavy challenges.

  • When emotions take over discipline is needed to pull you through

  • Finding more gratitude for one of our children when you are frustrated and upset at their decisions

  • Dreading the holidays when you normally love and look forward to the holidays

  • Getting passed the quaintness of saying “I’m grateful” and finding true gratitude

  • Sometimes you have to go through the motions first can start putting you in a positive grateful zone

  • Serving others will get you out of your head and do something for others

  • Be grateful for the specific thing you are struggling with.

  • Going through the motions is a synonym for discipline

  • Some gifts you have to work for

  • Inky Johnson “you don’t rise to the occasion you revert to your training” (episode 201 S2S Podcast)

  • Focus on Form

  • Take out the ego and pride

  • Having gratitude enables you to honestly say I’m sorry

  • Be grateful for everything around you.

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