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Episode 43

43. We Discovered POWER in Focus Words

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

It’s been a year since Judie and I chose focus words to help us hone in on our personal development and goals in 2019. We discovered REAL POWER in focusing on one single word for the year. In this episode, we share what we’ve learned through this experience and how each of us have grown. And yes we will be choosing focus words for 2020.

Show Highlights:

  • Annual Christmas Date - spending a full day of shopping, going out to eat and to the temple. Judie even got Jody in a Ross Store

  • Revisiting the Focus Word we chose as a theme for 2019 (See episode 3 -

  • Jody’s focus word - Greatness, Judie’s 2019 focus word - discipline

  • What we discovered

  • Having a theme word really made a difference to have just one word to resonate in your mind throughout the year

  • Jody’s observations of the changes Judie underwent being so focused on discipline

  • Having a focus word forced us to really evaluate our time

  • Jody discovered that some actions don’t lead to greatness so recognizing that chose to pivot

  • Changes that we saw in each other through the process and our own self-discovery

  • Evaluating our circle of influence and see if that group is leading you to where you want to grow

  • The ripple effect of making changes within yourself

  • Discipline helped me push through the hard times

  • The importance of changing your language - changing the words we use

We invite you to choose one FOCUS WORD to be your theme for 2020. We’d love to hear the word you’ve chosen and would be honored to help you be accountable throughout the year.

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