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Episode 44

44 - 2020 Vision

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

We are truly ENJOYING the Christmas Season. Our kids are already talking about what time they will wake up on Christmas morning. We have also been working on a new online workshop title 2020 Vision that will help you kick off the New Year. We’re not just talking 2020 vision we’re driving toward 3D Vision for the new year.

Show Highlights:

  • Looking forward to 2020 - We’re working on something to help you focus on and achieve your goals

  • Let’s go beyond 2020 vision to 3D

  • We finished The Work - 6 weeks of serious HIIT workouts while doing M100

  • Once we started something the new thing really caught my attention

  • Often we start pursuing a goal and then get derailed

  • There is a time to adapt and adjust your original plan. Sometimes it is exactly what is needed.

  • You have to have a “Why”. There are different kinds of why’s but you need the one that will PUSH you.

  • How long doesn’t matter the key is finishing

  • Until life gets in the way - Life is guaranteed to happen so why wait?

  • Uncover, discover and build the inherent skills and gifts that you have

  • Certain things you must not cross the line

  • Frequently visit and assess where you are

  • An invitation to join our 2020 Vision workshop

For more information about our 2020 Vision Workshop kicking off in January send us an email to

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