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Episode 48

48. TBH - To Be Honest

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on


TBH - To Be Honest

We’ve had a number of experiences this week that have made us take a serious look at ourselves. We’re talking about taking a hard, honest look at ourselves and how we need to improve on a personal level. That honesty can be brutal but is exactly what when need to grow.

Show Highlights

  • The last 4 days have really made us look at ourselves and how we are interacting with our kids

  • Judie’s thoughts on Ep. 207 of Secret to Success

  • Do we stop to look at who we really are?

  • Change the verbiage from I Can’t to I won’t To see if it doesn’t change the perspective

  • You have to be “wanting” not “wonting”

  • An outside influence can help you see areas you need TBH with yourself

  • Only you can work on you

  • Giving advice when directed in a spirit of love and being humble enough to receive

  • Lessons from Toy Story 4 - Listen to your inner voice

  • Fighting against that inner voice

  • Nick santonastasso’s amazing story

  • Launching our 2020 Vision Workshop of February 3rd - For information contact us at

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