Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 49

49 Live Life on Purpose

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

Life can be overwhelming and all consuming. Living with purpose enables us to turn the unmanageable into the meaningful. Join us as we discuss how we can life with greater purpose.

Show highlights:

  • We are putting together the finishing touches on the 2020 Vision Workshop - Launch date Feb 3rd

  • Comparing our lives to others - comparing someone else's chapter 28 to our Chapter 3

  • Focus on your purpose instead of your destination

  • My journey looks different than your journey

  • Shon Hart - I want you to live in chapters

  • Don’t fast forward, don’t skip a page, live every chapter

  • Jody’s experience “leaning in” to the child who’s being difficult this week

  • Wanting to change your current chapter for another. Have you really gone the distance

  • Current chapter is the building blocks for what is yet to come

  • Working through the challenging 2nd year of our marriage

  • Live intentionally and purposefully in the moment

  • Think about that huge goal and then reverse engineer the steps to get there

  • Managing many things so they are meaningful

  • Do you have a personal mission statement for your life?

  • You can be so involved you loose site of your purpose

  • Life is about discovering, building and becoming

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