Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 59

59. Are you Carrying the Weight Or Is It Carrying You?

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

Are you carrying the weight or is the weight carrying or even crushing you?  Today we explore effectively managing and even thriving through the challenging moments of life.

Show Highlights:

  •  Working out together - Amoila Ceasar coaching us to push through the pain and manage the weight
  • Are you in control? Even under extreme pressure you can perform
  • Challenges of life can weigh on our mind and spirit or we can become stronger through the experience
  • What do you do to carry the weight?
  • We as leaders can't lead without self mastery 
  • The first think you need to develop is the mental strength. Can you push a little bit more?
  • True lasting growth occurs when you are tired and push to that extreme moment
  • There is a time to rely on others. Be fiery independent but also be open to help

Thank you for joining us every week!


Jody & Judie Sedrick


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