Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 24

Enter the Judgement Free Zone

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

Do you find yourself looking down on others, judging what they wear, they way they look, decisions they make and the way they live their lives? Enter the Judgement Zone.

This week Judie is traveling with Ke’ilani attending college volleyball camps. While traveling she’s been working out at Planet Fitness. One of the motivational murals on the wall proclaims “No Judgement Zone”. Judie thought judging would be an excellent topic for this week discussion on Choose Don’t Excuse. Actually join us as we work through our own thought processes regarding judging. Is there a place for judging and if so when and why? 

A few highlights: 

  • Our inclenation to be judgmental 
  • How do we balance between exercising good judgement and not judging others?
  • One key indications is if you are pushing other people down to lift yourself up you’ve slid into the Judgement Zone
  • No drama!  Don’t attract the drama to make yourself look better than other people.
  • Your own insecurities lead to judging other people
  • We explore an unexpected experience with they way our daughter was dressed and unintended attention from an older gentleman (Can I say pig) even though we were heading out to the lake
  • How do you balance helping someone on a path to destruction? Are you helping or judging? Or Both?
  • We fail to look at the true intent of the heart of others making it easy to judge
  • Everyone has a backstory, one you don't see, if we understood that story we would cheer their progress rather than judge

It's Time to enter the JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! Yes this is a hot topic. One we will have to explore some more.

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