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Episode 17

Ep. 17 Habit, Habit, You Got a Habit! What Does It Take to Create a New Habit?

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

We return from a FABULOUS relaxing week in Cancun. No schedules, no kids, just the two of us. Yeah it was great! 

Habit, Habit you got a Habit! In this episode we discuss a question posed by Judie after our early morning work out. The question, “What does it take to create a new habit”?

Let’s face it we are averse to change especially if it involves creating new habits.  We explore real-life examples of habits developed unintentionally and intentionally. Judie asks very poignant questions about creating habits which lead to some personal revelations of how we have grown in the past 3 years.  Join us as we explore:

  • Is there a difference when a habit is made out of necessity versus one you want to create?
  • Using events to change? Don’t last because the event is temporary
  • How do you create a new habit when the change is rough?
  • Why are we more accountable to others than we are to ourselves?
  • Habits are for other people not me.
  • How do you push through setbacks?
  • Learning that setbacks are just transitions

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