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Episode 18

Ep. 18 Busting through the Comfort Zone

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

We all get trapped in the Comfort Zone.  Can the comfort zone turn into a danger zone of personal stagnation or is it ok to be comfortable?

A few key points from this podcast:

  • Is there a time when it's ok to let an interest, skill, or capacity wither away? 
  • Routine can lead to the comfort zone
  • You have a choice. Are you going to stay in the comfort zone or progress? 
  • Pushing your team to grow
  • The need to grow from comfort zone to comfort zone
  • If you wait to long you may Reach a point where you are forced out of necessity 
  • Parenting different personalities
  • When one person on a team or a couple isn’t willing to grow the team is crippled 
  • The Importance of being able to be adaptable
  • Mindset has to change to progress through comfort zone 

We explore ways to push through the comfort zone to progress to the next level?  

How do you push through the comfort zone?

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