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Episode 20

Ep. 20 Slow Down, Concentrate and Act!

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

Slow Down, Concenctrate and Act! Jody was reminded of this when struggling through some of the more challening combinations of Core De Force MMA Power.  In this episode we explore the importance of slowing down and not rushing the process. 

We also explore ideas from our favorite speakers and podcasters Gary V and Eric Thomas. Gary Vaynerchuck reminds us that "fast is not your friend". We also explore Dr. Eric Thomas' example of how life's challenges are similar to an archer pulling back an arrow. We feel the stress and strain on the string as it is being pulled back farther and farther, building pressure until that final moment when he final launches the arrow.   Judie shares how little wins or recognition from outside sources can reinvigorate you and keep you on track.

A few nuggets from the show:

  • Gary V " Fast is not your friend"
  • Is there a time to tap out or do you need to simply readjust?
  • Dr. Eric Thomas "Life is like the pull of an archer. We feel the strain and pull, waiting, waithing for the release"
  • Taking "a breath" enables you to make minute adjustments to hit your target
  • Helping your kids push through challenges. A great discussion with Christian about training for his new job
  • The power of "little wins" 
  • Remember when you made an impact -  hold on to those moments to push you through the tough days
  • Comparison robs you of the opportunity to embrace your own sucess
  • Honestly assessing yourself - doing a self-check

Podcast or Influencers mentioned:

  • Gary Vaynerchuck - Vayner Media
  • Eric Thomas - Secrets to Success
  • Asha Dornfest - Edit Your Life
  • Rachel Hollis

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