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Episode 21

Ep. 21 Optimistic? No DEFIANT in the Face of Terrifying Reality

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

Optimism? We are told to be optimistic in every situation. When some times, what you need is DEFIANCE!

In this episode we explore the role of optimism and defiance in the face of incredible challenges. 

Key ideas we explore about optimism and defiance:

  • Standing defiant in the face of overwhelming challenges
  • Stepping back, assessing and attacking like an MMA fighter
  • The reality of life is it is messy. There are always trials we need to face to go to the next level
  • Finding the courage to stay in the game - a comparison to staying in the batters box facing a curveball
  • Babys don't know they failed they just get backup and try again.
  • Skipping steps is not sustainable

Where do you fall? Are you optimistic? Defiant? Or Both?

Show Notes:

This episode was inspired by Guy Raz's interview with Andy Dunn - Founder of Bonobos. Where he answered the question how he stayed optimistic.  "Stay optimistic? What makes you think I was optimistic? I was defiant in the face of a terrifying reality."

How I Built This with Guy Ras - Bonobos: Andy Dunn

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