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Episode 22

Ep. 22 Lean In!

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

What a week! Jody has been in Seattle detailing Air Force One with The Detail Mafia and then joins Judie at the Beach Body Coach Summit 2019. We explore impressions and lessons learned from both these events. Join us as we picnic and visit outside Lucas Oil Stadium.  Today we discuss:

  • Patio Talks at Air Force One - "How do I go to the next level?" Find the one thing that is most important, that has touched your heart and act on it.
  • How do we level up?
  • “Am I addressing the most important things?
  • You can’t separate your personal life and business.. Address the personal and everything else will be impacted.
  • What is the purpose of the valley of struggles we encounter? It gives us the strength and capacities necessary to accomplish the goal we have set. It's part of the process don't grumble about it. 
    • Judie's analogy of climbing out of the well - "Don’t miss out on those wins"
  • Jody's experience running Beaverhead 50K - "Stop, rest, reset, and enjoy the progress you've made, then finish..
  • There is a point of no return. You have to make a mental shift to improve. You can’t improve doing the same things.
  • LEAN IN to Win!

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