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Episode 23

Ep. 23 You Belong!

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

“You Belong Here!” Yes, You! You Belong!

We are just getting back from a whirlwind 8 days of travel. Jody spent Sunday through Wednesday last week at the Air Force One Detailing event with The Detail Mafia at the Museum of Flight and then took the red eye to Indianapolis to join Judie at  the Beachbody Coach Summit. Yes it was a JAMMED pack week of service, learning, growing and spending time together.

This week we share our thoughts based on the Beachbody Coach Summit theme “You Belong Here”

  • There is something magical about working together in service that creates a bond like now other
  • Why do we think we are not good enough to belong?
  • Why do we need to belong?
  • Is there a place you would like to belong (like a career goal? Are you willing to pay the price to belong?
  • The incredible stories of the Beachbody Challenge winners and their impressive journeys overcoming their physical and emotional battles. Congrats to Christopher Pandolfo and Hanna Day
  • All of us have major self doubt because we put labels on ourselves and fall prey to the comparison game
  • Celebrate the goodness of you. When you do you can put your arms around others and pull them in too.
  • We challenge you to write down 5 affirmations of the good traits in you every day.
  • You are AWESOME. Believe that you are AWESOME, because you are.
  • You belong because God made you and put you here for a reason. You are unique. You are IT. You need to find your IT factor and bring it to the table

We’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact share with us one thing that is AWESOME about you!  Thank you for being part of our Vibe Tribe. And please do us a favor and remember to Like, Share and Subscribe.  Until next week… Mahalo!

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