Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 3

Ep 3. What Is Your Focus Word for 2019? A motivational word that will help you succeed.

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

At the beginning of the year Judie suggested we each come up with a FOCUS word. A word that would serve as a personal theme, a motivational word for 2019. In this episode, we discuss how we came up with our words, why we chose them and the impact they have already had on our lives.

1:15 - Honeymoon story 
2:25 - Topic intro - What is your Theme Word for 2019 - a Word that will be your motivator, a word that will keep you on task, a word that will inspire you for 2019
4:00 - Shout Out to Eric Thomas Secret to Success podcast
5:45 - Jody’s Word for 2019 - Greatness
13:00 - Story of 50K Ultra Marathon - Build the capacity to stay true and committed even when it gets hard 
21:00 - Judie’s Word - Discipline
27:05 - The power of a Habit Tracker
33:00 - Come up with you word, share it and be intentional in following it

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