Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 4

Ep. 4 Food is Information! A discussion on food, auto immune disorders and body reset

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

March is Auto Immune Disease Awareness month.  In this episode we discuss auto immune disorders and how food literally impacts every aspect of our lives.

We discuss how food is fuel as well as providing key information about what your body needs. Are you taking note of how certain foods wreak havoc on your body while others give you energy. Judie shares her nutrition reset and the lessons learned just by changing a few food items. 

We discuss the importance of being your own advocate and power of listening to your body!

  • 3:00 Aloha - why we open with "Aloha"
  • 5:30 March is National Auto Immune Disease Awareness Month
  • 7:00 Working with doctors
  • 13:20 The importance of being your own advocate (Story of our son Christian)
  • 18:00 Auto Immune Disease info
  • 21:20 How does your immune system go bad?
  • 24:00 Gut health getting things on track
  • 29:00 Observe what particular foods do to you and how they make you feel
  • 33:00 Body's change so be willing to adapt
  • 37:27 Food can be medicine for your body

The episode sponsored by The Muscle Donut


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