Choose Don't Excuse
Episode 5

Ep. 5 Is Positivity Overrated? The Challenge of HYPER Positivity

Jody & Judie Sedrick published on

"Be POSITIVE no matter what!" Do you struggle with feeling fake while working through lif'e's challenges? We discuss the challenge and pressure of being HYPER POSITIVE with our first guest, our son Devon Sedrick who is an aspiring entrepreneur and owner/creator of Restomp Pads . We explore the power of choosing to be authentic, identifying possibliites, resiliency, and determination.

  1. 2 halves of a POWER couple
  2. 2:50 Shout out to 1 Inspired CoachSean Brasfield, Michael Gingas, Bobby Berg, Aisha Thomas
  3. 6:21 Embarased by Accolades
  4. 8:40 Topic of the Day “Finding peace in trials” - Sometimes Positivity can be over rated - 
  5. 10:40 Special Guest - Our son Devon Sedrick
  6. 13:15 Not tearing yourself down - accepting compliments
  7. 19:15 Challenge of Hyper Positivity in our society - negates all of our natural emotions
  8. 23:35 Most common lie -“I’m fine”
  9. 28:20 Instead of positivity let’s identify possibilities 
  10. 30:45 - Determination and resiliency - Brene Brown
  11. 35:00 Emotion coaching
  12. 40:00 How do we empower people to make a choice?

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