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Episode 1

The Bible of Christian Artifacts - Complete Set

Bob Merch published on

The items used in “The Bible of Christian Artifacts” include:

Nail from the true Cross of Christ
Frankincence – 1oz (Birth of Christ)
Square of carpet from the Pope John Paul II NYC Mass
St. Bertio Relic (1)
St. Gertrude Relic (1)
Real Crown of Thorns from Jerusalem
Myrrh – 1oz (Birth of Christ)
24K Gold in water suspenion (Birth of Christ)
10 blessed candles
St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus Relics (10)
Holy anointing oil from Bethlehem, Israel
Holy water from the River Jordan
Soil from Jerusalem
Fig leaf (Adam and Eve)
St. Pius Relic (1)
Palm Sunday dried palms
Sea shells from the Red Sea (Exodus/Moses and the Isrealites crossing the Red Sea)
100% Silver bar – 10 ingots (“7 pieces of silver”)
Real Egyptian papyrus (Dead Sea scrolls)
Resurrection plant
Salt from the Dead Sea (Sodom/Gomorrah, pillar of salt)
Blessed Mezuzzah scrolls in glass
Holy Eucharist – unleavened bread
Sacramental wine, red
Chinese “Hell” note
Bulrushes (Moses)
Holy Mass Crucifix & Apostolate
Olive wood cross from Jerusalem

And many more…

The website describes “The Bible of Christian Artifacts, is positioned in a glorious black frame, on a glass plate, with a ornate damask background.” the BoCA will be wrapped in a golden cloth, and will also come with a card describing each artifact sample in detail, with accompanying Bible verse, a large Magnifying glass, the “Bible of Christian Artifacts” Certificate of Authenticity, High quality scans of all Certificates of Authenticity that came with the originals, and a voucher for a free Israel/USA flag pin. It is not known how many collections are available for sale, but the webiste admits that supplies are limited.

For more information on how to purchase this item, follow the link below:

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