Christina's Daily Inspiration- Contemplative Meditations

Episode 7

Day 6 ~Pure Awareness~ Christina's Daily Inspiration~ Contemplative Meditaiton

Christina Bauer published on

"Thou Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free."  John 8:32

This pure raw awareness is the Truth of our Being. It has the ability to see beyond the illusions of the mind to what is Real in any and every circumstance that arises before us in our day to day life. What it reveals is always harmonious, even in what may appear to be disastrous to our thinking mind. Our awareness is able to see the perfection of it and what it is offering. Life is always offering us our good, but we are only able to perceive and accept it if we are seeing it through our True Self Awareness. This is why it has been called ‘enlightenment’. It literally reveals the ‘light’ of ALL.       ~ Christina Bauer 

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