Christina's Daily Inspiration- Contemplative Meditations

Episode 80

Day 79~ To Be Recognized ~ Christina's Daily Inspiration

Christina Bauer published on

Love as Understanding~

We all want to be understood and to be understanding. Most of us wish that those we meet could see into the center of our being, could see what we have been fro the beginning, but which no one has yet recognized- not mother, father, nor teacher. No one has ever seen what we really are, and it is because of this nonrecognition that we have worn a mask to hide ourselves from the world. If only that mask that is hiding your from me and me from you could drop from our faces, we would be like children. Everyone longs to be understood, but most persons think that that means being known as they are humanly. That is not what it means at all. Those who believe that do so because they do not yet know that the Soul is their true identity and this is really what they would like to show forth.  ~ Joel Goldsmith

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