Christina's Daily Inspiration- Contemplative Meditations

Episode 95

Day 94~ The Love That Flows Forth ~Christina's Daily Inspiration

Christina Bauer published on

As we begin to bathe in the Silent Presence within, this sweet, deep, flowering Love begins to open and expand from within us. This Love inspires and guides us on. It provides gentle reminders through our awareness when we lose the present moment or make a choice that is out of alignment with our Soul. It provides insight and understanding that allows us to make wiser choices for ourselves and others. ~ Christina Bauer from "The Power of Our Unshakable Presence~ Finding Permanent Peace In Intense Times"

Book now available in the link below


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  • Michael G Bauman

    In gratitude for the truth you share the how beautifully it is offered. I look forward to having your new book in my home.

  • Christina Bauer

    Bless you Michael

  • Michael G Bauman

    As a part of my personal meditation during retreat the Lamas have recommended that we use recored practices. I am choosing to have Contemplative meditations be a part of my practice. Again thank you for your offerings.