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Padilla FINEST HOUR Oscuro

Ellory Wells published on

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I know nothing about Padilla Cigars, so when I got the Finest Hour Oscuro from Luxury Cigar Club, I was excited.

Will this dark, veiny cigar from an unknown brand live up to the other premium brands I've smoked? Let's find out!

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Initial Thoughts:

When I went to my humidor to see what I wanted to smoke today (and to consult the cigar-oracle), I didn't expect to grab the Padilla Finest Hour. This is a cigar I received from Luxury Cigar Club and from a brand I knew nothing about.

However, I now know that the Padilla family has been making cigars for a long time. After they fled Cuba to escape Castro, they continued hand-rolling cigars in the traditional fashion. Will this Padilla Finest Hour Oscuro, with its vein-riddled backside make for a good smoke? Let's find out!

Brand: Padilla
Line: Finest Hour, Oscuro
Size: 6 x 52
Cut: Punch
Light: Torch
Price: Luxury Cigar Club

Final Thoughts:

For $7, the Padilla Finest Hour Oscuro Robusto is almost a rockstar cigar. However, the last half of the cigar had some bitterness to it and I did experience a few minor burn issues. But, the draw was perfect for the entire smoke. With each puff on the Padilla Finest Hour I could get plenty of smoke and tons of flavor.

For a $7 cigar, I would absolutely smoke this cigar again and would recommend it to you, and for those two reasons alone, the Padilla Finest Hour Oscuro Robusto earns a high CigarScore of 4.

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