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The CigarScore Rating System EXPLAINED!

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I got tired of the 100 point ratings system for cigars, so I created my own. I call it the 'Cigar Score." Every cigar earns a CigarScore of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, with 5 being the best. But the CigarScore is more than just a rating system - it's a way for me to let you know what I'd recommend to my family and friends.

CigarScore 5:

Cigars that earn a CigarScore 5 are my favorite smokes. These cigars are so good, they should only be smoked on special occasions. I recommend these cigars to my friends and family members and actively seek them out in humidors. I also factor in price into the rating and keep that in mind when I make recommendations.

CigarScore 4:

Cigars that earn a CigarScore 4 are great cigars, but, for some reason, don't earn a CigarScore of 5. These are your daily, “go to” cigars that you could smoke for a year and never get bored. They're smooth and flavorful, but, perhaps, not as tasty and complex as cigars that earn a 5.

CigarScore 3:

Cigars earning a CigarScore 3 are fair, but not special. These cigars are ones I'd smoke again, but only if I couldn't find one of my other “go-to” smokes.

CigarScore 2:

Cigars with a CigarScore 2 are ones I'd really prefer to not smoke again. They were ok, but I wouldn't recommend them to a friend or a family member. These cigars are sticks to be avoided unless you're up for a mediocre adventure and you can't find something better.

CigarScore 1:

If a cigar earns a CigarScore 1, it should be avoided.  If I rate a cigar a 1, I will actively go out of my way to discourage people from smoking it. Just like a CigarScore of 5 is rare, so is a CigarScore of 1, but both happen. If I'd rather not smoke anything that a certain cigar, it will earn a CigarScore of 1.

Factors I Consider in My Reviews:

Reviewing a cigar is a complex thing to do. We might not like the same things, however, I try to be objective in my reviews. I've been smoking for almost 20 years and have tasted cigars from all over Central and South America, so I've got decent palate.

I try to smoke cigars of all shapes, sizes, wrappers and from all regions. I smoke my review cigars with different cuts and lights to make sure I'm giving accurate feedback.

Factors of a cigar review:

price – how expensive is the cigar and is it worth the price
draw – is the cigar easy to smoke, does it burn evenly
flavor – does it taste like grass or cardboard or something delicious
aroma – smell is almost as important as taste
how long the cigar lasts – usually an indication of build-quality
several other factors – value for the dollar, etc.

I'm not pretentious about it, I just know what I like and what I would feel comfortable recommending to you if we were to sit down and have a smoke together.

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