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Today we're smoking and reviewing The Leaf by Oscar, an oddly wrapped cigar that definitely attracts attention. This cigar has the Habano wrapper, the size is a 6 x 52 toro.

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Initial Thoughts:

My first thought of The Oscar by Leaf was, "wow, what a weird thing to do" in reference to Leaf using a tobacco leaf instead of cellophane to protect the cigar. In the case of The Oscar Habano, that green leaf (see image below) is a Candela tobacco leaf. Visually, The Oscar looks well made and the Habano wrapper is smooth, though the veins of the leaf are lighter in color and clearly visible. After cutting the cigar, I also noticed what appeared to be some more Candela tobacco inside making up part of the filler tobacco. The first inch of the cigar provided a nice draw, but an uneven burn.

Brand: Oscar Valladares
Line: The Oscar Habano
Size: 6 x 52
Cut: Guillotine
Light: Matches
Price: $12.19

Final Thoughts:

The candela leaf that The Oscar by Leaf Habano is wrapped in definitely gives some added flavors to the rest of the cigar - flavors I didn't really like. Additionally, it looks like there was some green candela tobacco inside the cigar too - also that I didn't like.  While this cigar seemed well made, my time smoking it was plagued by an uneven burn. The flavors were unremarkable and almost unmemorable, except for the fact that I didn't like how The Oscar by Leaf Habano tasted. For these reasons and because I think there are better cigars out there for the money, I give The Leaf a CigarScore of 2.

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