Episode 26

Episode 26: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Hello listeners, and thanks for checking back on Cinemaversary. Hopefully nobody is "forgetting" about us! As we move into summer, we're moving more towards a bi-weekly show just due to time commitments. At any rate, on this episode, Kyle is joined by Matt Malecki from the Real Fans 4 Real Movie Facebook group to discuss the 2008 rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This was actually the second recording of the episode, the first one was lost (more details on that in the episode), so unfortunately Thomas only makes a brief cameo at the end of the podcast to sum up his thoughts.

0:00 to 9:28 - Introduction; Spoiler-free thoughts
11:17 to 31:01 - Act 1 Thoughts
32:05 to 58:04 - Act 2 Thoughts
1:02:30 to 1:25:39 - Act 3 Thoughts
1:25:39 to END - Final Thoughts & Thomas cameo

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