Episode 27

Episode 27: Jurassic Park

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Welcome to Jurassic Park! As of the release of this episode, we are less than one week away from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so what better time to review Jurassic Park for its 25 year anniversary than right now? Thomas is back and hosts the episode, and is joined by co-host Kyle Belback and Matt Malecki from the Real Fans 4 Real Movies Facebook group. Does this movie hold up 25 years later? Is the T-Rex scene one of the greatest action scenes put to film? Is Dennis Nedry a terrible villain? Listen and find out what we think!

Show Notes:

0:00 to 9:51 - Introductions, memories, tale of the tape

11: 02 to 1:04:13 Act 1 Thoughts and feelings

1:04:55 to 1:38:47 Act 2 Thoughts and feelings

1:39:52 to 2:11:37 Act 3 Thoughts and feelings

2:11:41 to END Final Thoughts and Bloopers

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