Episode 29

Episode 29: The Dark Knight

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Good evening, listeners (Ledger Joker voice, RIP), and welcome back to another episode of Cinemaversary! This was one of the most anticipated movies that we drafted for this year, and we think the episode lives up to the hype. Listen as Thomas Linder dons the cape & cowl and takes you through perhaps the greatest Batman/Joker story ever told in any medium. Although Batman works alone, Thomas could never do this himself, so he has trusty sidekick Kyle Belback on his squad, and frequent guest of the show Matt Malecki from the Real Fans 4 Real Movies Facebook Group. Is this the greatest movie ever made?

Show Notes:

0:00:00 to 0:13:05 - Introductions, history with Batman, memories of the movie, spoiler-free thoughts
0:14:37 to 1:10:01 - Act 1 Thoughts and Feelings
1:11:20 to 2:01:19 - Act 2 Thoughts and Feelings
2:02:36 to 2:42:47 - Act 3 Thoughts and Feelings
2:42:47 to END - Final Thoughts and conclusions

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