Episode 31

Episode 31: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Welcome aboard U.S.S. Cineamversary lads! Today's destination is 20th century England as your captain Kyle Belback guides you through the treacherous waters. He also has a couple deckhands to help him on the journey, and that is co-host Thomas Linder and recurring guest Matthew Malecki from the Real Fans for Real Movies Facebook Group. Topics on today's show include: Hans Zimmer didn't score this movie?!, Johnny Depp's performance, how exactly the curse works, and whether or not we are surprised that Orlando Bloom didn't become a bigger star. Oh, and we debut a new segment of the show at the end!


Show Notes:

0:00:00 to 0:12:01 - Introductions, memories, spoiler-free thoughts
0:13:42 to 0:43:05 - Act 1 Thoughts and Feelings
0:44:47 to 1:07:10 - Act 2 Thoughts and Feelings
1:09:02 to 1:35:18 - Act 3 Thoughts and Feelings
1:35:18 to END - MVP; Final Thoughts and Feelings


Show Twitter: @Cinemaversary17

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